A co-op is a co-operative effort between homeschooling parents to provide classes and opportunities for their children that might be otherwise difficult or too costly to provide at the family level. Each family is required to provide a parent to help with the co-op.

IMPORTANT NOTE – A parent is required to be present whenever a student is involved. NO DROP OFFS!

Seeds of Faith is guided by a Leadership Team of Christian homeschoolers. For our Statement of Faith, see our website. All classes will reflect a Christian perspective that honors our Lord. No class will teach anything that would be in direct conflict with our Statement of Faith.

We offer a variety of class choices for our elementary, junior high and high school students each hour. Preschool-aged siblings are welcome and you will find class options for them on the schedule.
Our classes are mainly physical activities and enrichment classes. We include a selection of academic classes, mostly at the high school level, but we feel that parents are quite capable of teaching most of these subjects at home. We place a priority on classes that are difficult to teach at home, such as science, or those that benefit from a large group setting, such as physical education. We also like classes to be enjoyable for our students so we offer a wide variety of enrichment classes.

We require that a parent be present during the times that children are present. The adult will serve in one or more of the following capacities for 2-3 hours, depending on the commitment arranged with the leadership team: Teach or Assist with a class, Supervise or assist in the nursery, monitor the hallway, or various other necessary duties. The adult may be a teacher for two classes, or teach one class and assist for two hours, or assist in a class or the nursery for three hours.

Each family is required to help clean the church two times per year. Two cleaning slots will be assigned to you. If you cannot help on your day, it is your responsibility to switch with another family.

We do have one person assigned to watch the children during cleaning. Parents need to instruct their children 12 years and under that they must remain together under this person’s supervision unless helping with the cleaning. Because we have such a large number of teens we expect that any teens whose families are cleaning will actively participate in the cleaning process.

Co-op is a commitment. Please remember also that this is a co-operative, which means we all make it happen as a team. When even just one mom is missing, it can make it harder and more difficult for the rest of us to do our jobs and the kids are the ones who lose out. We recommend you find another co-op alternative if you have plans to miss more than 3 scheduled co-op Fridays. It is important to be on time and to fulfill our commitments. Excessive tardiness and excessive absences will be subject to the Leadership Team’s review and will depend on your circumstances. If you are absent 3 times or more during the year, you may not be considered for teaching for the next year.

Ideally you will be at every co-op. However, we realize that sometimes there will be unavoidable situations that cause you to miss co-op. Teachers need to provide us with the name of their designated substitute before co-op begins. If you serve as an assistant and need to be absent please contact the coordinator and we will provide a substitute for your classes. However, when you are absent you will then be asked to assist and make up the hours that you have missed during subsequent co-op times. If it is an emergency, please let us know and we will make sure your assignment is covered.

YOU MUST CALL US IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ATTEND CO-OP. In the event you need to be absent for all or part of a co-op day, it is your responsibility to contact the Coordinator as soon as you know, and no later than 8:30 a.m. Friday morning. NOTE – You can email the Coordinator up til 7am Friday morning. If you must contact her later than 7am please do so by telephone.

If one of your children is ill, your other children ages 6+ may attend co-op under the direct supervision of another adult. Visitors must check in with our Attendance Coordinator and sign in with name, address, and phone number. This includes anyone not regularly attending co-op, such as fathers, grandparents, adult siblings, guest speakers, etc…

Please do not assume that you may send your children with someone else. You MUST contact the Coordinator and obtain approval. You may email her at seedsfaith@gmail.com

Dropping off your children is not allowed. In case of an emergency (not scheduling conflicts or errands) where you must leave the church grounds, ask another parent to be directly responsible for your children. Tell your children and a leadership team member to whom your children are accountable. Students will not be allowed at Seeds of Faith Co-op without a parent on site at all times (or a designated substitute in case of an emergency or illness). If a parent must leave the grounds, they must check out with the Attendance Coordinator.

REMINDER – a parent or guardian is required to be present whenever a student is involved.

We require every family have at least one child in grades K-12 in order to register with Seeds of Faith co-op.

The class schedule will be published on our website several weeks before registration. You can print this schedule out.

We maintain a waiting list of interested families. We have room for 150 students in our co-op. If our enrollment falls below 150, we will draw from the waiting list in the order that it was formed. Occasionally, we may allow a family to move ahead on the waiting list if the parent can fulfill an urgent teaching need.
We regret that we have to limit the size of the co-op due to space and management considerations. (If someone out there is interested in starting another co-op, we would be very glad to help get one started!)

The registration cost for the co-op this year will be $85. This will need to be paid at registration and is non-refundable. Returning families pay a deposit of $25 to hold their place at co-op. Deposits are non-refundable and will go toward the $85 registration fee. There is an additional tuition charge for hired teachers. The registration fee covers the facility charges and expenses for running the co-op. We will continue to strive to keep the co-op affordable for everyone. We must have your payment for your registration to be considered complete and for your space to be held in the classes.
Most classes require a supply fee, which is paid directly to the teacher. Classes with high materials costs, such as crafts, may have higher supply fees. These costs are listed on the Class Descriptions page. Please check each fee before registering to avoid surprises later.

Supply fees are due on the first day of class, unless you make other arrangements directly with the teacher. Important – supply fees must be given to the teacher in an envelope with your child’s name and the class name on the outside. Do not expect the teacher to make change. Cash or checks are both acceptable. Please take a few minutes before the first day of co-op to prepare supply fee envelopes for all your children’s classes.

We have an ongoing fundraiser selling pizza at lunch. This helps us to provide necessary administrative supplies and provides a convenient lunch for those who wish to participate.

Co-op will meet approximately every other Friday. Check our Calendar to see dates and times. The co-op will offer 4 time slots of classes between 9:30 am –2:20 pm. Each student, ages 5 and up, will take 4 classes. Each enrolled co-op student must take a class each hour. Parents will sign up in advance for the classes for each student and for the parent commitments. Some classes may have limitations on the number of students or age limits. Please be aware of this. Classes in high demand may be repeated in the next year.

**Co-op may be cancelled due to inclement weather, or a delayed start may be utilized if conditions required. Cancellation announcements will be made by 7:30 AM. It is each family’s responsibility to check for email cancellations before driving in.

A staffed Nursery will be offered for babies and toddlers. Older children will not be allowed into the nursery, unless their own parent is working in the nursery at that time. Teen girls may choose to volunteer as nursery workers, if desired. For the comfort and privacy of our nursing mothers, we ask that no men volunteer in the nursery. Children must be pre-registered to enter the nursery or playroom. Priority will be given to the children whose parents are working during that time slot. Diaper changes and pottying will remain primarily the parent’s responsibility.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding Nursery may be sent to seedsfaith@gmail.com

We have extended our lunch time to allow for more opportunities of fellowship. However, with that comes an additional responsibility to make sure our children are well-behaved. Bearing this in mind, please instruct your children that there is no ball playing or running during lunch. All children must remain in the gym until 12:20.

Please make sure your children clean up all of their garbage and lunchtime items when they are done. If you or your children accidentally spill something during lunch please clean it up. If you bring any items from home for lunch (such as roasting pans or drinking containers) please make sure they are out of the gym and put away as soon as lunch is concluded. Please put your chairs away once you are done with lunch to help expedite the cleaning process. Thank you for helping to make our lunchtime enjoyable.


  1. Be respectful of classes in session and of learning happening. If someone is speaking, be attentive. Anyone disrupting class will be asked to leave.
    Please arrive PROMPTLY for your classes. Allowing a few extra minutes to get everyone situated is a good plan.
  2. The building will be open at 8:45. Opening assembly begins at 9:30.
  3. Inappropriate conversations, gestures, clothing, or aggressive physical contact will not be permitted. Such actions may cause a child to be removed from co-op permanently. This decision is left up to the discretion of the Leadership Team.
  4. Off limit areas include: hallway to the left of the sanctuary and the upstairs storage area.
  5. NO FOOD allowed in carpeted areas unless teacher permission is given. Teacher is then responsible for cleanup.
  6. Nametags must be worn at all times during co-op by all adults and children.
  7. The lawn may be used, but children (including teens) must be directly supervised by an adult who is outdoors. This includes before and after co-op, as well as during the co-op day.
  8. Parents MUST stay on-site while their children are here, but they do not necessarily have to remain in the building.
  9. Coats should be hanging on racks. Please leave boots near coat racks; do not track in mud or snow onto the facility floors.
  10. Backpacks or lunch bags should be left neatly out of the way. Please do not use the main hallway for storing belongings.
  11. Clean NON MARKING athletic shoes only on the gym floors.
  12. No running indoors, except during supervised classes.
  13. No loitering in the bathrooms. Please use the bathrooms in the main hallway and avoid the ones near the offices.
  14. Children must be directly supervised at all times. If the child is not in class, he or she must be directly under the supervision of a parent or another adult. No children, including teens, should be outside except when directly under the supervision of an adult.
  15. Sick children belong at home, not at co-op. Never put sick children in the nursery or playroom. (See Health Policy)
  16. An unenrolled child may not attend co-op. Special permission may be granted on an individual basis by the leadership team when a request is made. If you did not receive prior permission, a $25 fee could be charged.
  17. No smoking, drinking alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons allowed at co-op. This includes pocket knives and other potentially harmful objects. If seen, these will be confiscated and returned to the parent.
  18. Any public display of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships is not acceptable at the co-op. Teen boys and girls should not be alone together except in a public area.
  19. Show respect for all adults and peers. Address adults in the manner they prefer. If unknown, please use titles of respect (Mr., Mrs., Miss).
  20. All participants must treat the church facilities and equipment with the utmost care and respect. Seeds of Faith Co-op does not have a budget to cover repairs to the DWC building, grounds, or equipment. Co-op participants are responsible for and will be asked to pay for any damage that may occur to the building, grounds, or equipment.
  21. Students may not use electronics during class, unless directly required for classwork. If issues arise, teachers reserve the right to confiscate the items and return it to the parents.

All co-op participants, children and adults, must be dressed modestly and appropriately while attending the program. None of us wants to be the fashion police. However, when we gather together as a collective group it is healthy to have some base line rules. If you are unsure if something is appropriate, it is probably wise to choose another item of clothing. Here are some guiding rules to consider when you are dressing for co-op: Abdomens and backs must be covered. Tight-fitting clothing should be avoided. Shorts and skirts must be longer than fingertip length when hands are at the sides. We are comfortable if the length of your skirts/shorts is just above the knee. Clothing must not have inappropriate slogans or illustrations. Girls that wish to wear dresses should wear shorts/leggings under their dresses if engaged in your required activities. Please consider your clothing in light of your required activities and it should remain modest during your day (remember to consider drama activities, sitting on the stools, sitting on the floor, up on stage, gym activities, etc). Please consider your height in choosing the length of skirts/shorts. If you are taller than average then clothing may not fit the same on you as a shorter a person. If this is the case, please consider wearing leggings/tights as an under layer. Clean, dry shoes must be worn to protect the church’s flooring. Hats should be removed during class. (I Tim. 2:9-10, II Tim. 2:22, Lev. 6:10-11, Ezek. 42:14)

Every adult, not just the designated teacher, is expected to intervene if disruptive or disrespectful behavior is observed. All parents are responsible for enforcing Seeds of Faith rules, listed above. It is understood that if anyone in your family violates the rules, it will jeopardize your participation in the co-op, and the Leadership Team reserves the right to deny participation to any student or family.
Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary problem arises and may be asked to remove their child from class. Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and behavior.
These guidelines are for handling any disruptive behavior in class:
1st Offense – Speak to the student, asking him or her to please stop the behavior and giving him or her a warning that if he or she does not stop the behavior, he or she will have to sit with an adult in the classroom or be separated from the other students.
2nd Offense – Remind the student to stop the behavior. Either move the student next to an adult or separate him from the other students.
3rd Offense – Remove the student from class and escort them to the Coordinator or one of the Leadership Team Members. They will notify the parent during the next transition.
If a student’s behavior is excessively rude or aggressive, steps 1 and 2 should be skipped and step 3 should be taken immediately. If a student continues to be a disruption during the year, they will be asked not to return.

Each family must sign a form releasing Seeds of Faith, Dryden Wesleyan Church, and their employees and volunteers from any liability for damage or injury. Signing this form also grants permission for Seeds of Faith to use photographs taken at co-op in printed and electronic publications, as well as for co-op participants to be listed in a group directory. The medical release form is available here: MedicalRelease